Youtube Channel!

2016-06-29 10:48:50 by ADHDizzle

Hey Newgrounds, I'm making Youtube Videos Now! 

I'm gonna be making entertaining Gaming videos, and yeah, yeah I know what you must be thinking, It's just gonna be generic monatone voiced stupid vidoes, but I ain't doin dat, I be making good stuff that people will enjoy!

Please give me advice so I can make much better stuff :)



Plan After Exams

2016-05-30 11:48:28 by ADHDizzle

Iv'e nearly finished my Exams, Hopefully when It's all over, I can work on more, now that I am abit more free now that im near the end of my year, I will be creating some work on the side.

It's awesome to come back again and do some cool stuff!

Newgrounds, A Place For All!

2015-08-20 21:11:27 by ADHDizzle

Hello, whoever may read this, I'm Daniel, A animator and artist just begining on Newgrounds! I'm ready make friends and partners on this site, I hope to make content people will enjoy :)

Have a good day!

Also I'm a regular user on Steam, I have like 200 games, contact me if you wanna play some games if we both have them :)